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Witches Requital

I awoke to a pain that shot through my entire body. I cracked my eyes and saw trees and a large fire. I saw the witches who captured me. They chanted as they prepared their altar. A leg flopped on the table above me. The witches came over and removed the restraints. The body rolled off the table to the ground. I stared at the body. It was mine. I stared into the eyes of my face.

I looked down at my feet. They were hooves. The witches yelled and chased my body away. He ran into the forest. He came back from the other side of the forest and slid under the table with me. I tried to yell, but could only bleat. I stood and tried to run, but there was a chain around my neck. The witches laughed as they attached a leash to my collar. They drug me to the altar. A witch pulled out a small mirror and placed it in front of me. The reflection revealed the face of a goat.

The witched placed me on the altar. The leash was tied, There was no escape. A witch placed a knife against my throat.

“You killed my cat. This is your punishment. A life for a life.”

A bowl appeared below my neck as the knife ran across my throat. The life spurted out of this little goat.

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