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The Quarry

The car fishtailed down the gravel road. A beer can flew out the window as the engine roared.

“Where the hell we going Bobby?”

Bobby pressed on the accelerator. “The coolest damn place you’ve ever seen.”

Shelly cracked open a beer. “So, the coolest damn place is in the middle of buttfucked nowhere?”

Bobby stared at the road. “It’s an old quarry with a man-made lake. Perfect place for the graduation party. I figured we should check it out first.”

Bobby turned down a narrow road cut through the limestone. He slowed down as we saw the lake. There was chain link fencing around the lake with one smashed gate which was sprung open. Bobby drove through the gate slowly and parked. The six kids piled out of the car as we looked the area over.

Shelly slapped Bobby’s ass. “No one would ever find us down here. Bonfires, kegs, and tents. Hell, this is perfect.”

There was a raft just maybe a hundred feet in the water. It was more than big enough for our little group. Bobby ripped off his shirt. “Last one to the raft springs for supper.”

Everyone stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the water. They all swam towards the raft. Ryan caught up to Bobby and pushed him under the water. Ryan was the first one to make it to the raft. The rest all climbed on, except for Bobby.

Shelly was the most concerned. “Bobby. Bobby. Get your ass up here.”

Bobby’s head bobbed above the water as he screamed. His head went back under the water, which was turning red. Shelly screamed as the others stood on the raft in horror. The kids panicked as they stood in the middle of the raft. They noticed the water was moving in a circular motion. Ryan leaned his head over the raft to see a serpent spring out of the water to bite his face.

The snake hung off of Ryan’s face as he did everything he could to get it off. Ryan accidentally pushed Shelly into the water. The snakes immediately ripped her apart. Ryan pulled the snake off his face and threw it back into the water. He backed up to the middle of the raft and pointed to the wall of the quarry. The wall had thousands of holes in it. You could hear the hissing as the snakes slithered out of the holes and dove into the water.

The four kids huddled in the middle of the raft as the snakes slithered up to them. The serpents attacked and pulled the rest of the kids into the water. The blood covered raft floated in the still water as the snakes returned to their nests.

A maintenance truck pulled up with a new gate in the back. Billy jumped out and looked at the car parked on the other side. “Damn kids.” He removed the old gate. “Not my fault if the idiots can’t read.” He quickly bolted the new gate on and locked it. “Damned fools. Everyone knows you don’t swim in Snake Pit.” Billy hung two signs on the gate. One read Keep Out and the other read Beware of Snakes.

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