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The Woman in Red

I lived in a small village but had big dreams. I planned on leaving one day to make my mark on the world as an explorer. The villagers were a superstitious bunch who always said “If you see the woman in red, run away or you’ll be dead.” The stories ranged from her being a demon to a powerful witch. I never gave it much thought. It was a mere coincidence when she came to town every few months someone would disappear. I figured they had finally escaped this dreary little town.

I turned eighteen and had gone to the general store to buy supplies for my trip to St. Louis. It was finally my time to fly. I buried my head in a letter I had received from my cousin when I bumped into the woman in red. She lifted her head. Her face was that of an angel. I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life. She wore a red hat which covered her long red hair. She smiled at me as I held her hand. She scooted around me without saying a word. I couldn’t let go of her hand. I had to follow her.

She led me down an alley as we ducked behind a stack of pallets. She pushed me up against a brick wall. She took off her hat as her hair wrapped around my wrists and raised them above my head. She leaned in close and licked my cheek.

She pulled back with a smile. “You’re the one I’ve been searching for all these years.”

Her hair pulled my arm down to her mouth. “You must be mine.” She sunk her teeth into my arm as she drank my blood. When she finished, she extended her arm. “Now it’s your turn.”

I felt my teeth change as I followed her command. My teeth sunk into her arm. The blood flowed into my throat. I stopped as I fell to my knees. The sensations I felt were not of this world. I arose to find her beautiful lips pressed against mine. We walked hand in hand through the town. We were now joined to walk an eternal path together.

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