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The Pond

Harry was a horrible neighbor. He was rude, unforgiving, but most of all, he was jealous. His new neighbors drove him nuts. Their newly landscaped yard had two humongous fishponds and an artificial stream that connected them. They built beautiful cedar bridges to connect the stone paths.

Harry could not stand it. Everyone in the neighborhood would visit this yard to enjoy the fish and the beautiful landscaping. The noise of people enjoying themselves interrupted Harry’s peace. His solution was to sneak over during the night and poison the fishponds. He had done this with previous neighbors. All those pesky puppies and troublesome cats were hard to kill, but fish were nothing to him.

Harry packed a small bag full of black walnuts and nightshade berries he had harvested the day before. He had to make it look like a natural disaster. Harry snuck over to the yard and kneeled by the first pond. He reached into his bag as a slimy hand grabbed him by the hair and pulled him into the pond. Harry thrashed and struggled to get away. Half his body flopped up on the stone path in front of his neighbor’s feet.

“Hey Harry.” His neighbor greeted him. “I hope you enjoy my fish.”

The hands pulled Harry into the water. The hands ripped his body into small pieces so the fish could feed on him. Harry’s rotten life ended that night. The neighborhood was better off without him.

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