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The Hunt

I followed the blood trail through the forest. I made deliberate steps to ensure the least amount of noise. I wanted the buck to lie down and die. I heard a strange sound coming from the bush. I cleared the leaves with the barrel of my gun to see my deer ripped open. An ugly white creature kneeled over it, ripping its flesh with razor-sharp teeth. It turned and looked at me. The gunshot echoed as the bullet pierced the forehead of the creature.

I walked over to see what it was. The face looked somewhat human. Its body was white, but covered with some sort of fine fur. The claws on this thing were almost three inches. Its eyes were bright blue. The smell was horrible, a cross between a skunk’s ass and thirty hobos sitting on a bus.

I pushed the body with the muzzle of my gun to ensure it was dead. I turned my head just in time to see another monster as he clubbed me across the head. Dazed, but I could feel my body being dragged through the woods. I tried to stay conscious, but I failed.

I woke up as two monsters took me into a cave. There were small fires built as we went deeper into the cavern. We came upon a wide opening where fifteen bodies hung from the ceiling. Three other monsters were stripping the meat from what looked to be hikers. The congealed blood on the ground and piles of entrails made it look like a butcher’s shop. We kept moving deeper into the cave.

They dropped my body by a well, then ripped my clothes off my body. I didn’t have the strength to fight them. The monster cupped my head as another took a cup fashioned out of a horn, filled it with liquid from the well, and poured it down my mouth. The thick liquid burned as it ran down my throat. Pain immediately shot through my body as the cave spun out of control.

I felt my bones breaking and reforming. I screamed in agony as my fingers grew claws. My skin was on fire as the fine hair popped out. My chest enlarged then sunk back to almost normal shape. I heard grunting that turned to words in the background.

I rolled to my knees and stood up. The rest of my bones cracked into place as I looked around the room. The walls were lined with the white monsters; I looked down at my hands; I had become one of them.

The leader walked up to me. “We believe in a soul for a soul. You took one of our best hunters, so now you replace him.”

I looked around the cavern and spotted my way out. I bent down on all fours and sprinted back towards the bodies. I ran faster than I ever thought possible, yet the monsters were not following me. I made it to the cave entrance and raced into the forest. I had run for at least fifteen minutes when I came upon a sheriff and his deputies. The men were calling out names; I was certain they were looking for the people being butchered in the cave.

I stood and bellowed out, but all they heard was a deep grizzly growl. They raised their guns and shot me. I collapsed on the floor of the woods. The pain of being shot overcame my thoughts as I saw the Sheriff pull out his sidearm, aim carefully at my nose and pull the trigger. The last thought that went through my mind was my head was going to end up in a jar at some lab. The bullet entered my head, everything went dark.

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