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The Dentists

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

The handheld grinder whined as Dr. Sobbe put the finishing touches on a crown. He took the fake tooth out of the vice and placed it in the model of his patient’s mouth. He smiled as he admired his work. He took the crown and clamped it back in the vice, upside down. He took a small dental drill and created a small hole inside the crown. He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a jar of small bone fragments. He fussed around until he found the perfect piece that fit in the hole. The bone extended beyond the surface of the tooth, so he carefully ground it down even.

His assistant walked into the room. “Dr. Sobbe, your patient is here.”

“Just about done here. One more adjustment, then I’ll be up.” He said with a smile on his face.

He coated the bottom of the crown with a blue dust. It foamed for a moment, then it soaked into the tooth. He cleaned up his work area and placed his masterpiece in a small box.

Dr. Sobbe walked in to the operatory. “Tony, how are you today?”

Tony sat in the chair, fiddling with his fingers. “Meh, pretty good. How about you?”

Sobbe sat the box on the counter as he grabbed a pair of latex gloves. “Life is perfect. I’m guessing things at the capital are giving you some heartburn?”

“You could say that. I need to get back. Who knows what they are doing while I’m gone.”

“No problem Tony, this will only take a few minutes.”

Sobbe leaned the chair back and pulled up a tray of tools. Tony opened his mouth as Dr. Sobbe inspected the temporary crown. He grabbed a small tool and popped it off like a cork on a bottle of champagne. Sobbe grabbed adhesive and swabbed it on the stubby little tooth in Tony’s mouth and on the replacement. He carefully mounted the crown in the space. The glue adhered immediately. When the crown connected with Tony’s gum, his body tensed up. He was stiff as a board.

Dr. Sobbe took his gloves off, dipped his thumb in a red powder and gently wiped it across Tony’s forehead. “The tingly feeling will go away in a few minutes. You’re now under my control. You will consult with me before making any decisions.”

Tony’s eyes were wide open, fixed on the ceiling. He didn’t blink and his only response was a long “Yes.”

Sobbe pushed the tools away and moved the chair into an upright position. “I need you to veto bill number one-four-three-six. Do you understand?”

Tony shook his head in agreement. Sobbe snapped his fingers and life came back to Tony’s face.

“That was great, doc.” Tony stood up. “Hey, do you mind if I call you tomorrow? I have some issues I would like to discuss with you.”

Dr. Sobbe smiled. “No problem, call me anytime.”

Tony walked out of the operatory, not realizing what had just happened to him. Dr. Killroy popped his head into the doorway. “Well, that went well.”

Sobbe nodded. “It always does on the weak minded. We now have control of the governor. Just a few more pieces and we will be ready.”

Killroy laughed. “It’s always just a few more pieces with you. What’s next?”

“I need a patsy.” Sobbe walked towards the door. “Someone that no one would suspect to do something awful.”

Killroy rubbed the scraggly hairs on his chin. “I have the perfect guy. He was one of my first hexed. He’s an insurance agent.”

Sobbe walked down the hall next to Killroy. “Perfect. The sheriff has perfect teeth. I need your guy to break his teeth with a baseball bat.”

Killroy stopped and smiled. “Brilliant. When?”

Sobbe looked at his phone. “I’m on call next week. Let’s say next Thursday evening. That will give me enough time alone with him, and his teeth.”

They entered the doctor’s lounge. Killroy grabbed an apple off his desk. “What about my guy?”

Sobbe sat in his chair, leaned back and clasped his hands on top of his head. “Suicide him. I’ll give you two of my drones in return.”

Killroy took a bite of his apple and chewed on it for a minute. “Deal. Then what?”

Sobbe looked at the corner. “We will need to raise money. Work on dumping a few assets.”

Killroy sat down at his computer and began pecking at the keyboard. “I have just the guy for this. Shrewd and mean as hell. He’s perfect for this.”

Sobbe sat in his chair satisfied with his work. His mind went adrift as he dreamed of what he could do if he could only get the President of the United States in his chair. The sky was the limit. All things were possible now that he had mastered his hexing skills. World domination was not the goal, only amassing large amounts of money. Money was power, and absolute power was his goal.

***This was a scene from my upcoming book Dental Demon Systems Inc. Tentative release date is 3/19/2022.

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