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It started in the spring. The trees and shrubs didn’t produce nuts or berries. We all returned to college in the fall. The crazed squirrels tried to scavenge any food they could find. They would steal food right out of our hands. It was funny at first.

It was the middle of October when I noticed the squirrels getting more aggressive. It felt like they were stalking us, maybe even hunting us. There was a rumor going around campus the squirrels attacked a professor’s dog while they were walking. The squirrels devoured the dog and attacked the teacher. The professor didn’t return to school. The rumor said she lost half her face.

We were walking back from class when the squirrels ambushed us from the trees. They clawed and bit us as we ran to the dorms. Tyler tripped and fell. The squirrels rushed towards him. They ripped his body apart and hauled it into the trees.

The rest of us made it to the dorms. We saw the carnage of body parts hanging from the trees. There were thousands of bloody little squirrels surrounding the building. We watched as the squirrels drove more people into our building. It occurred to me that this building is where the squirrels were storing their food for the winter.

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