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Man in the Mist

Never challenge the man in the mist. Never question his motives. He stands in between two worlds guarding against the foul monsters that would devour humanity. He never rests, he never sleeps, he only fights.

The mist is the gateway, a portal that connects our world to theirs. The slippery vipers are envious of our world and will do anything to destroy it. One man stood against them at the beginning of time, trapped in the mist for eternity, slicing the heads of serpents with his jewel handled sword.

My grandfather told me in the end times, the Man in the Mist will join humanity in the last battle. It will be up to mere mortals whether we survive or we’re consumed by the demons on the other side of the mist. He told me we must be ready, we must be brave and able to fight at a moment’s notice. Humanity must prevail in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

I look across at the men on either side of me. They are ready. The Man steps out of the mist, waves his sword in the air and points towards the fog. We scream our last battle cry as we charge against untold horror. The final battle is upon us.

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