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Intricate yet accessible plotting and octane-fueled action mark this gripping urban fantasy…

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Friends turn foe and the enemies are here to help as a host of dangerous forces set on to destroy Jacob Baccus in the enthralling third installment in the Darkside of Good series from Bacon (after Jacob’s Ladder). The existence of the powerful enemy who still possesses the ancient mind control drug is weighing heavily on Jacob’s mind. Determined to put an end to the villain and destroy his stockpiles of mind control powder, Jacob sets on to wage the grand war. But the people he once trusted are no more reliable: with an entirely different agenda in mind, they are trying to carve their own path. Jacob has no option but to trust those he once thought of as enemies to make it through alive. As the enemies race ahead to rise the dark forces, the true threat proves of much greater consequence. With the fate of humanity in danger, Jacob must do everything in his power to stop the enemy before it’s too late. Readers who thought Bacon was done with intricate plotline heavy on shocking twists in the first two books are in for a surprise yet once again. Bacon adroitly introduces new twists as new allies are introduced and unforeseen adversaries reveal themselves and skillfully handles a large cast of characters. A series of new characters make their entry, adding to the intrigue of the story. The interactions with Lara are hilarious. Jacob as the prevailing hero has become more balanced, more humane, and highly relatable. Bacon just keeps upping the ante for Jacob whose encounters with a host of supernatural foes unfolds with particular cleverness. He deftly balances the treacherous threats with smart-ass humor and infuses the required backstory into the swiftly unfolding plot twists with a crisp efficiency, achieving a fine balance of both octane-fueled tension and comic relief. The key development involving the fiery Tanya (and later Steve) will intrigue the series fans as well as newcomers. The book can be read as a standalone, but with the chunk of backstory involving major characters highlighted in earlier installments, the reader will be wiser to pick books in order. Bacon’s skill at easing the tension and darkness with smart-ass humor will keep readers coming back for more. The next installment will be eagerly anticipated. Highly recommended.

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