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Death's Road

A man sped down the highway as he stared at his phone, waiting for the next message. He looked up just as his car hit a hitchhiker. He slammed on his brakes as his car veered off the road and smashed into a tree. He climbed out of the car. He felt odd, but not hurt. The hitchhiker walked toward the car, seemingly unscathed by the accident.

Before they could say a word, their bodies were pulled and slammed against two trees. They stood paralyzed while a shadowy figure in a cloak walked towards them.

“I’ve been waiting for both of you.” He pointed to the driver of the car. “You rushing home to your wife after spending the afternoon with your mistress. You strangled her because she wanted you to marry her.” Then he pointed to the hitchhiker. “You killed five people today. People who pulled over to give you a ride. How many lives have you destroyed?”

The figure pulled out a scythe and waved his other hand. The spirits of the two men levitated towards the figure. “We will walk through the last few highlights of your lives. Then you will understand your punishments in Hell.”

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