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Doll House

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The search party scoured the woods for days, looking for seven-year-old Tiffany. The only thing found was a doll in a dress, propped up against a tree. The police placed the doll in an evidence bag. The parents exhausted themselves in the search. They went home to rest.

The father opened the front door to the home, and they walked in. The door slammed shut behind them. The doll they found in the woods stood behind them, holding a curved knife with strange markings on it. A boy doll dressed in cowboy clothes walked into the room with the same knife in his hands.

The female doll spoke. “Mom, Dad, do you remember Tommy?” The dolls took a step closer. “You remember him, right? My older brother. The one you sacrificed.”

An ominous shadow filled the room as the dolls began their work. The parent’s bodies slammed onto the floor as the dolls began chanting. The sound of bones breaking filled the room as smoke engulfed the bodies.

The next afternoon, the police came to check on the parents. They opened the door and searched the house. The only thing they found were four ugly dolls sitting together on the couch.

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